Aerial Archer, LLC is a commercial sUAS operator authorized by the FAA for aerial services in the United States. We hold a 333 exemption from the FAA and also employ Part 107 certified pilots. Licensed and Insured, we are ready to go for any and all of your projects.


Founded in 2015, Aerial Archer, LLC has established itself in the UAV industry.  Our team passionately employs new drone technology to support the latest and greatest demands of the film industry. We have integrated and flown sUAS ranging from light & portable DJI drones and soon will be flying larger custom built sUAS that can carry ARRI, RED and other small cameras.  Aerial Archer will also be launching a Cable Cam division for all of your live event needs in the near future.

Aerial Archer, LLC employs humble, passionate and highly skilled talent. We are a world-class team that combines the expertise of licensed pilots with the intuitive eye of aerial camera operators; these two positions travel as a team to every project. Our clients work alongside the operator to achieve precise framing, while the pilot focuses on maneuvering the sUAS itself. Each and every one of our pilots and operators are certified, some are commercial pilots who operate sUAS with the same safety, proficiency and focus as they do when flying the real thing. We are well-versed in utilizing superior drone and camera technology, as well as factoring in elements of nature, such as wind speeds and weather, guaranteeing stunning aerial cinematography in challenging locations around the world.